HAMKit - CI-V Controlled Radio Aerial Selector - Automatically Selects Aerial 1-4 by Turning Radio Frequency Dial
HAMKit - CI-V Controlled Radio Aerial Selector - One SO239 to Radio and Four SO239 to Aerials
HAMKit - CI-V Controlled Radio Aerial Selector - Aerial Indication and CI-V Hub Built-In
HAMKit - CI-V Controlled Radio Aerial Selector - Straight Forward to Build and Use
HAMKit - VMAC RPI Lite - ATV Repeater Controller or Shack ATV (Audio and Video) Switch Matrix
HAMKit - VMAC RPI Lite - Flexible and Compact Pre-populated Surface Mount Design
HAMKit - VMAC RPI Lite - Plug in a Raspberry PI ZERO and Enjoy!
HAMKit - VMAC RPI - Bigger Brother with more ATV (Audio, Video, Squelch and PTT), Inputs and Outputs
HAMKit - VMAC I/O - Optional Back Plane for Multiple Inputs and Outputs
HAMKit - VMAC - Semi Populated or Ready Built
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This new website has now completed the fitting of wall units and display cabinets. Stock is just arriving and will be unboxed, kitted up and then added for sale very soon..

Our aim is to provide a proven and growing range of amateur radio and television electronic construction kits suitable for home enthusiasts and clubs.  The levels of technical and engineering skills will vary from kit to project but all aimed to be rewarding and useful for the builder. Some kits will also be available partly or ready built in order to provide flexibility for our customers who may not have all the facilities.

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