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Welcome to HAMKit UK where we offer exciting and interesting Amateur Radio, Amateur Television (ATV & DATV), Electronic Projects and Kits.

Our aim is to provide a proven and growing range of amateur radio and television electronic construction kits suitable for home enthusiasts, clubs and groups, worldwide.

The levels of technical, construction and engineering skills will vary from kit to project but all aimed to be rewarding and useful for the builder. Some kits will also be available partly or ready built in order to provide flexibility for our customers who may not have all the facilities, such as surface mount.

A number of new products are due to be launched, so please stay tuned.  While you are here, please feel free to take a moment and grab a complimentary hot refreshment while taking a sneak peak in our Shop , Wiki or  News pages in order to gain some  product information and do not forget to sign up for our newsletter.

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VMAC ESP32 V1 Bring Up & Electrical Test
News and Information

VMAC ESP32 V1 Bring Up & Electrical Test

The VMAC ESP32 DVT PCB finally arrived, hand populated and nicely oven cooked. Process started with annotating the PCB SMT...
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