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Expanded version of the VMAC PiHat

The interest for the VMAC PiHat has been really encouraging from many countries and with it has also meant a means of expanding the inputs and outputs for certain projects.

One of the options which I built into the PiHat was the ability to stack two PiHats, such as the PiHat Lite.  This easily expands IO to 12 inputs (2x6) and 8 outputs (2x4).

A thought which is being drafted, is an additional revised version, similar to the original VMAC RPi.  This was designed and built but never really went into production for sale as it was a prototype to prove the concept.

The larger VMAC (PCB ~100x150), would probably not use the stacked RCA sockets but use BNC (with option of RCA, like our VDAS kit).  This being based on the PiHat features (Matrix. OSD, DTMF and Python code), but include around 9 Video and 9 Audio inputs, relays and opto inputs.

Would be good to get this conversation flowing and gain some 'would be nice to have' features and thoughts.  Please feel free to comment!

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