HAMKit VDAS Kit Now Available in Store

The new HAMKit VDAS Kit is now available in our store.

Using the custom test jig (AKA bit of vero), the first batch of boards tested 100% and worked really well. You can audio in, video in and audio out, plus a bit of power for good luck!

An on-board regulator allows DC input voltages from 5v to 16v, making this ideal for portable, mobile, repeater, home and FPV use.

A squelch tail (delay), of around 1 second holds up the SQL/PTT line during noisy signals.  The timing can be easily changed through a 0805 resistor.

We are pleased with the design and has a number of useful applications.

The two LEDS (power and SQL/PTT) shown below

Below shows the HAMKit VDAS boards with the alternative RCA connector fitted, as well as the standard BNC connector.

The HAMKit VDAS board in the Hammond case.  Looks nice!


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