HAMKit VMAC RPi Lite Bring Up

After an amount of design considerations, the VMAC RPi Lite is finally brought together and the PCBs manufactured.

3D modelling example

VMAC RPI Lite Blank Board just arrived and eagerly wanting to be populated!

With so many features, this board is not just great suited for ATV use, it offers a host of functions that allow it to provide a super development kit too.

Included on the board is a Raspberry Pi Zero connector which completes the all-in-one concept.

The next stage was to populate the surface mount components and pop in the oven!

The board density meant it needed to use 0603 components, which are small.

The VMAC RPI Lite board is planned to be provided semi-populated.  This means that all the surface mount components will be added by us and all you need to do is add the though hole components where required.

Once complete and checked, the next stage was to fit the through hole connectors, check continuity and power up!  The Pi Zero then added for basic testing.

As most of the board is controlled via I2C, using an external I2C, the various functions were checked out.

The original VMAC concept was outlined with Peter G3PYB and following his sad passing, it is really good  to finally pull all the ‘nice to have’ features together, eventually design the board with even more features and get it produced.


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