New GEMClub TurboKit Plus (Pre Release)

Back in 1992, GEM (Generalmusic), released the S Series Musicprocessor which proved to be a renowned Synth Worldwide.  This was subsequently upgraded in 1994 with the first release  of the TurboKit.

This GEMClub TurboKit Plus has been designed to bring life back into both the original GEM S2 and S3 Series.  Can also be used in the S Turbokit Series such as S2 Turbo, S3 Turbo and S2/R

The GEMClub TurboKit Plus offers new features and improvements over the original S Series, including:

  • Tone generation: variable oscillator assignment options, two new operating modes (dual oscillator and single oscillator)
  • Polyphony: max. 32 voices
  • Sounds: 500 sounds and 100 ROM performances
  • Sequencer: the sounds can be edited while the sequence is running, LFO can be synchronized with MIDI clock
  • Internal memory: A battery-backed RAM disk can be set up (with additional memory modules)
  • Sample features: Sample Translator integrated into the operating system, import of samples in many formats, Akai multisamples are read (no sound data)
  • MIDI: Compatible with the GM and Roland GS standards

In addition to the original GEM Turbokit, 2Mb RAM Disk is fitted as standard, together with a large (remotely fitted from PCB), 900mA capacity NiMH battery.

Expected GEMClub TurboKit Plus availability is Feb/March 2021.   Back Order Here

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