New Product: HAMKit VMAC PiHat

Following in the footsteps of the bigger brother VMAC Lite, the new HAMKit VMAC PiHat, designed to sit on a Pi 2, 3 or Zero, is a great addition to your projects.

The HAMKit VMAC AV PiHat, is a small board which provides a very flexible Audio and Video Switching Matrix, with on-board DTMF Decoder, EEPROM and DC Regulator.  This may principally be used as a Raspberry add-on board, or connected to other devices such as Arduino or Microchip.

Typical applications for the HAMKit VMAC PiHat are:

  • ATV and DATV Repeater Control Logic
  • ATV home, mobile or portable stations
  • FM Repeater Control Logic
  • Audio / Video matrix controller
    • ATV/DATV
    • CCTV (Matrix or Auto Cycle Select)
    • FPV (5GHz Video Camera Receivers)
    • Video remote switching
    • Audio remote switching

The HAMKit VMAC PiHat is easily software controlled from the Raspberry Pi using your preferred coding language such as Python and all software provided is Open Source in order to encourage people to develop and help each other with ideas and applications.

Release date: December 2017

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