New WREN Linear Motor Controller V2

Following the success of the original DitronIX WREN SDK, the new DitroniX WREN 12S SDK v2, based on an Ai-Thinker ESP-12S (ESP8266), has been released.  The SDK has been designed to easily, and safely, retrofit to industry standard Electric Reclining Chairs, or could also be used for a range of other DC controlled motor / linear motor applications – such as electric beds and other similar devices.

Top level differences between WREN 12S SDK V1 and WREN 12S SDK v2

  • Increased operating voltage range, 9V to 38V (was 12V to 30V)
  • Additional Safety Circuitry (allows increased range of uses)
  • Additional Developer User Configuration
  • Additional EMC Filtering (for when used in high electrically noisy environments)

Based on the Ai-Thinker ESP-12S (ESP8266), DitroniX WREN SDK has seen integration into a number of applications including, Elderly Assistance, Mobility Aid, Empowering the Disabled, Multi-chair Home Cinemas, Gentle Muscle Exercise Control and of course the humble Lounge Chair Gadget.  Through the flexible design and integrated dual-bridge motor controller, the DitroniX WREN SDK allows for a range of other single, or dual, DC Linear Motor uses, such as used in electric beds, shutters, blinds, vents and windows.

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