PiHat v2.1 Bring up and OSD

The updated VMAC PiHat v2.1 board just arrived, populated this evening and has been tested with excellent results.

Principle changes between v2.0 and v2.1 are:

  • OSD SPI CS line changed from GPIO 25 to GPIO 8
  • OSD RST line added to GPIO 25 (set high to enable OSD)
  • EEPROM now configurable from either PI ID or I2C.  Pads under board
  • Added Test Point to OSD LOS

Updated Python test code and Wiki will be uploaded shortly.

Many thanks to Paul Theunissen, PA5PT, for use of his MAX7456 OSD test code, which can be located at https://github.com/Theuno/PI-ATV/blob/master/max7456.py

NB.  Used a Pi Header extender for ease of testing PiHat


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