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    Our new HAMKit RasDuinoHat is being launched during March 2018!

    This exciting new interface board connects (3v3 or 5v GPIO), Arduino Nano, Arduino Pro Mini, Arduino Pro Mini Clone, Arduino Uno, Olimexino 32U4, NodeMCU ESP8266, Paspberry Pi 2, Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi Zero, Banana Pi, Orange PI, Nano Pi,  etc.

    The RasDuinoHat will allow you to easily interface Raspberry Pi HATs (such as our VMAC PiHat) , Arduino Uno or Olimexino 32U4, to a range of Arduino, Clones and NodeMCU ESP8266 boards.  Full voltage level 3v3 and 5v translation is included, together with I2C control of GPIOs – all on a single board!.

    These pages will soon include full details and Matrix of options, configurations  and functions.

    Please feel free to share our product love through the below