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    The HAMKit VDAS board has two connectors:

    • BNC (or RCA)
    • Miniature 6 Way JST SH PCB connector


    To use, simply feed in a composite video signal and upon correct sync being sent, then the SQL/PTT output will go low, the on board LED will light and Thru Audio enabled.  Changing a solder link, the output can be inverted,if required.

    Connections are taken in/out to the Miniature JST 6 pin socket and supplied cable.

    6-AF Input
    5-AF Output
    4-SQL Output (LED, PTT, Relay etc)
    3-Video In (parallel to the BNC input)
    1-+6.5v to 16v DC In

    Should you wish, you may bypass the BNC socket and just use the Miniature 6 Way JST SH PCB connector for both Video input and Audio/PTT outputs.

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