HAMKit RasDuinoHat v1 Overview

The RasDuinoHat has been designed to be as flexible as possible, allowing you to easily interface Raspberry Pi HATs (such as our VMAC PiHat) and shields for Arduino Uno or Olimexino 32U4, to a range of Arduino, Clones and a range of NodeMCU ESP8266boards.

Full voltage level 3v3 and 5v translation is included on the board, together with I2C control of GPIOs – all on a single board!.  GPIO voltage range can be changed from 1.65v to 5v, for other interfacing needs.

Connections top and bottom in order to provide flexibility in connecting to both Raspberry Pi and Arduino’s.

Size 85mm x 56mm.  Software is open source.  Supplied SMT populated, tested and ready to use.

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