The HAMKit VMAC PiHat PCB v2.4, is a quality double sided, 2 layer, FR-4 board, that is designed to fit over a Raspberry Pi 2, 3 or Zero.  This replaces the test Developer Edition v2.0

Mounting holes suitably placed to fit all options of Raspberry Pi 2, 3 and Zero.

All components are mounted on the top side of the board.  Surface mount component size of 0805 are used where possible.  I/O Connectors have SMT glue underneath for strength.

Bare PCB v2.4

Populated PCB configured with default of 3 x video and 3 x audio inputs plus Pi. 2 x video and 2 x audio outputs.


PCB 3D Cad

PCB Layout I/O Connections

PCB Layout 

PCB Layout Links

PCB Layout Test Points

PCB Component Layout PCB is flood filled with GND both sides.  Not shown in the below.


The v2 schematic can be found here

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